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Vintage Signed Toni Furlan Mother Mary & Baby Jesus Bronze Sculpture, Italian Abstract Modernist Stylized Religious Statue, 36" H

Vintage Signed Toni Furlan Mother Mary & Baby Jesus Bronze Sculpture, Italian Abstract Modernist Stylized Religious Statue, 36" H

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Captivating Italian bronze Mother Mary and Baby Jesus sculpture made & signed by Toni Furlan*. This piece and many others made by Furlan are recognizable by the unique and stylistic expression of figural features, including elongated necks/limbs, small piercing eyes, and sharp-pointed noses. The statue is made of heavy solid bronze and features blunt textures and layered details. Both Mary and Baby Jesus have bronze disc halos above their heads, and Baby Jesus seems to be holding a ball in his hand. This sculpture is from the 1960's so the bronze is heavily patinaed and has some notable wear, however, the imperfections pale in comparison to its grandiose beauty and distinctive craftsmanship. This would be an incredible piece for a collector of religious artifacts or someone who appreciates Italian mid-century modern art.

Given the size and material, this piece is very heavy and needs to be hung properly and securely. There is a screw with attached hanging wire in the back from its previous home, but it may need to be adjusted/updated to firmly mount again. Signed T. Furlan on the bottom right for authenticity.

Measures 36" H x 12" W x 6" D

**Born in Cappella Maggiore on 3 December, Furlan became acquainted with the plastic arts from childhood, following the work of his father who was a stonemason and potter. He attended the Art Institute in Venice, but due first of all to military service and later the war, his artistic interests were interrupted. Toward the end of the 1940s he opened a studio in Milan together with his brother-in-law, Toni Vendrame, embarking on what was to be a prolific career as a ceramic artist, working with Baciocchi and Gio' Ponti. In 1946 and 1948 he exhibited at the Exhibition of Sacred Art in Bergano and in 1949 at the City of Bergamo Painting and Sculpture Prize. In 1950 he began a period of teaching at the Art Institute of Cortina d'Ampezzo, where he also opened a studio. In 1962 he opened "Ceramica Cortina" in Cappella Maggiore, whose products were to decorate prestigious buildings in Italy like the regional headquarters of the Italian Boadcasting Service RAI in Palazzo Labia in Venice. In 1964 he produced four decorative tablets for the foyer of the primary school in Cappella Maggiore, depicting scenes from school life. From the 1960s on, he took part in numerous group exhibitions in Italy, including the "Mostra collettiva degli Artsti Vittoriesi" in Vittorio Veneto in 1966. Furlan died in Vittorio Veneto on 25 April 1980.**
- Modern Art Museum Mario Rimoldi
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